A woman and her minor son who had consumed poisonous pills have breathed their last in DHQ Hospital while condition of her minor daughter is critical. The poverty-stricken woman along with her minor son and daughter had taken poisonous pills in Safdarabad area the other day.

According to eye-witnesses, Eshrat Bibi alias Mafia Bibi, wife of Saleem, a brick-kiln worker, used to quarrel with her husband over abject power. The couple again clashed over the issue at which the woman swallowed poisonous pills. She also gave the poison to her eight-year-old daughter Sonia and six-year-old son Danish. They were taken to DHQ Hospital in critical condition late on Monday. After remaining in the hospital for 12 hours, Mafia Bibi and her son breathed their last here on Tuesday. While her daughter Sonia is stated to be also in precarious condition. The Khanqah Dogran Police are looking into the matter.

In Sharqpur, a midwife was strangled to death by her husband in the name of honour on Tuesday. Mansha doubted the character of his wife who was a midwife. After an exchange of harsh words over the issue, he got enraged and strangled her to death. The Sharqpur Police started investigation.