Awami Workers Party central secretary general Farooq Tariq has said that progressive people will never forget the party’s late local leader Comrade Syed Zufiqar Shah who resisted the decision of late military ruler Gen Ziaul Haq along with late politician Ghiasuddin Janbaz, Kissan leader Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad and present PML-N MPA Mian Muhammad Rafiq to change name of Toba Tek Singh with Darussalam.

While addressing a condolence reference held at press club here on Tuesday, the AWP stalwart said majority of the citizens had supported the anti-name changing struggle of Toba Tek Singh as everyone knew the history of Tek Singh who was a great Sikh Saint. Tek Singh had spent his whole life serving the passengers by providing them drinking water in early years of 19th century as the subsoil water of this area was brackish, he pointed out, adding that 147 candidates of his party had won local government election in KPK and announced taking part in upcoming local government election in Toba district.

Speaking on the occasion, Kissan leader Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad said that late Zulfiqar Shah’s elder brother Mukhtar Shah had been Indian socialist party leader and Zulfiqar Shah was not only a committed socialist but was also a social activist, adding that late Shah had been one of the founders of various educational institutions.

MPA Mian Muhammad Rafiq in his speech said that Zulfiqar Shah was a role model for leftist youths, adding that he (the MPA) was among those who learned a lot from Zulfiqar Shah and his companions regarding the struggle for the rights of toiling masses.

Others who also spoke on the occasion included late Zulfiqar Shah’s son Dr Iftikhar Shah, AWP district president Chaudhry Zubair, Latif Jat, Manzoor Naz, Ihsan Burki, Rauf Khan and local labour leaders.