Islamabad - Shopkeepers especially at picnic spots and the Motorways’ rest areas, made a quick buck by selling edibles and gift items at exorbitant rates during Eid holidays.

A large number of visitors have complained that shopkeepers at different recreational spots of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad including Lake View Park, Pir Sohawa, Shakarparian, Daman-e-Koh, Rose and Jasmine Garden, Ayub Park and Play Land are not following the prescribed rate list and over-charging the customers.

They seemed disturbed over skyrocketing prices of edible items being sold at stalls of the picnic spots.

The rate of regular (250ml) soft drink was Rs. 40-50 per bottle against the price of Rs 25, while a disposable bottle of the same size was sold at Rs 60-70. The price of potato chips, biscuits, burgers, ‘channa and fruit chaat’, were almost double as compared to open markets in picnic spots.

Talking to APP, Sultan Ahmed - a visitor at the Lake View Park - alleged that there was no check on the prices of food and other items available at the tourist resorts.

While, families visiting the different locations complained that overcharging, sale of substandard food items and non-availability of quality items were the main ‘features’ of vendors. Apart of this, many visitors highlighted problems of entry and parking at the parks, besides high rates of the swings tickets.

Muhammad Ehsan, who visited Ayub Park Rawalpindi along with his family on third day of Eid, said prices of the edible items have gone out of reach for a common man at such picnic spots.

Manzoor Ahmed, who travelled on Motorway to reach Lahore in his car on fourth day of Eid, said prices of edibles and gift items, being sold at outlets of motorway rest areas was almost double as compared to open market.

People have demanded of the authorities to take action against the shopkeepers fleecing customer.

When contacted, an official told APP that management regularly checks the quality and prices of edible items being sold at picnic spots.

He said the administration would take stern action against those shopkeepers who were found involved in selling substandard items or overcharging.

A vendor at Pir Sohawa, admitting the overcharging said, “it is difficult for us to sale the items at the open market rates as we have to pay the rent of the stall which is higher as compared to markets.”

Meanwhuile, more than 2000 sanitary workers of Capital Development Authority (CDA) performed on duties during the holidays of Eid-ul-Fitr in the federal capital.

In line with the directions of Chairman CDA, Maroof Afzal, workers and supervisory staff of Sanitation and other concerned formations of the Authority had been deployed in the city during the Eid-ul-Fitr to ensure the availability of basic civic amenities to the public. Member Administration and Estate, Amer Ali Ahmed said that cleanliness of Eidgahs, entertainment and recreational spots and parks in the Federal Capital was ensured, adding that the cleanliness task was met in an efficient manner during the Eid holidays.