So this is what happened a few days ago. I went to the PWD colony market in Islamabad with my mother for some Eid shopping. A 1994 Land Cruiser double-parked behind my car and I was stranded for a whole one and a half hour in that situation, with my car stuck in the parking lot. Important to mention that there was a parking place available too, and double-parking wasn't the only option.

The guy came back with his family, wealthy and around his mid-20s. He and his dad weren't even apologetic and said we were here in the shop beside the car and you could have found us there. Right there was the biggest problem that snubs social repair. The family; his dad was super-charged to prove that it isn't his son's mistake. The family, its emotions and the collectivist culture puts a boost on the selective legitimacy of social law. If ‘we’ do a mistake, it isn’t even considered one. If someone else does the same thing, he’s ridiculed for it.

When the car owner came back, I just told him to look into my eyes and understand the pain I’ve had due of him. And I told him not to do this ever again and save a lot more people the pain. I think that's what an educated citizen can do at most.

I could have retaliated, harmed his car, and abused him and what not. If I did any of that, I wouldn't have left a difference in that guy and myself. It would have defeated the purpose; everyone's going extra-judicial to solve their problems. And that’s the biggest irony of this country.

The police was right there too. They said we don't handle traffic issues and there's traffic police for that (which according to them has a check post midway of PWD colony, which was a kilometer from where I was standing). They said we are here for the security. I even chatted with them on politics and the general situation of the society for half an hour. They seemed to be good people who were performing the duty they had been allotted, standing there and ensuring the so-called 'security'.

After my car was released from the situation, I drove to the traffic police check post and told them the car registration number. They said they'll challan it if it passes by. I stood there for 15 minutes approx; the Land Cruiser didn't pass by that route.

The problem is with the general mindset of our society; people justify their actions but don't review them, let alone apologize for them.

My father studied a subject called Civics in his school. It was changed into Pakistan Studies a few decades ago. They forced us to rote-learn that Pakistan's total area is 796,096 KM2 and Punjabi is spoken by 48% of the population, but removed the part that was supposed to make us good humans (not only good citizens). 

PS: I totally remember those facts from my 10th grade's Pak Studies book. The area was written on the first page of chapter 6 and the language fact was in a table under chapter 9. I studied these 7 years ago.

That's what we, the majority, are: Educated people who were taught to stop using their brains and learn the text that we have to write in a mere exam, which would lead us to a higher education, and a job and a family and potentially a dozen kids too.