HYDERABAD - Rangers Thursday evening rounded up Asad Kharal from Hyderabad. The alleged front-man for a key figure in the Sindh provincial government had earlier escaped the custody of the paramilitary force in Larkana, a private TV reported.

The raid leading to the arrest of Muhammad Ali alias Asad Kharal was conducted on an intelligence tip-off, according to sources. He was whisked to an undisclosed location immediately after arrest.

Sources said that Kharal, who is a worker of Pakistan People’s Party and accused of involvement in corruption worth millions of rupees, is being grilled on multiple issues.

Earlier, Rangers arrested him in Larkana, but he was set free by his supporters who confronted the paramilitary soldiers, raising serious questions about the handling of law and order in the province.

The row between Sindh government and Rangers deepened over Asad Kharal last week when the paramilitary personnel and police briefly surrounded the residence of Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal, in an apparent move to arrest Kharal and Tariq Siyal - brother of the home minister.

Reports suggest that over 10 close aides of Tariq Siyal and Asad Kharal have already been arrested from different parts of Larkana.