The renowned qawwal, Amjad Sabri was shot dead in Karachi. This incident took place just a day after the kidnapping of the Chief Justice’s son. Can Karachi be seen as a safe place? These incidents and many others like them not only raise questions but reveal the actual performance of security agencies in Sindh; particularly Karachi.

It seems operations launched to eradicate such elements are mere game of power and words. Everywhere in the world we see the state taking responsibility but in lawless states like Pakistan everybody is ready to take power to launch cleanup operations but nobody is ready to take responsibility when something goes wrong.

Poor people are left to suffer. It seems that the state institutions in this country are dysfunctional. Only the extremist factions of the society are free.

Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam but unfortunately after more than sixty years in nobody has freedom in this country. Security agencies are inefficient and the government of the day is irresponsible


Islamabad, June 22.