LAHORE - A suspect of attempted-murdered yesterday escaped police custody after a sessions judge dismissed his pre-arrest bail application. The lawyers of the suspect helped him run away.

Shah Hussain, the suspect,who was a student of law and also son of a practicing lawyer, Tanvir Hashmi, was booked for allegedly inflicting critical knife injuries to his female class fellow and her younger sister.

Advocate Burhan Moazam Malik appeared on behalf of the suspect. A number of lawyers were also present there. The suspect’s lawyer argued before the court that the case against his client was fabricated and concocted. He requested the court to allow the petition for bail before arrest.

Advocate Khwaja Adnan represented the complainant and opposed the bail petition. He said the victims identified the suspect. He said the suspect would misuse the concession of bail, if granted, and delayed the investigation of the case. After hearing both sides, ADS&J Naseem Ahmad Virk dismissed the bail petition. 

However, the suspect ran away as he came to know that his bail application was dismissed.  In another case, a sessions judge awarded 10 years imprisonment and imposed Rs 50,000 on a man approved guilty of kidnapping for ransom.

Jamal Pathan, the convict, used to kidnap women and force them for prostitution. His co-accused Kulsoom bibi was still at large, however, the court declared her pro-claimed offender.