This refers to media report on April 8, where a woman ingested rat poison when she felt she could not get justice. It ultimately led to the death of herself and her unborn child, which was possibly convinced during her rape.

It is time we clarified things about abortion in Pakistan. I personally believe a woman should have the legal right to an abortion; if (a) she is raped and the fetus is conceived following the incident; (b) in cases of incest; (c) where the mother’s life is in danger, if the pregnancy is carried to term; and (d) if the fetus appears to be deformed.

No one should have to ingest rat poison to kill a fetus, whose existence will be a daily reminder of rape. The US has abortion on demand. There are restrictions for minors - who need to see a judge with a legal guardian if the parents of the child cannot be approached.

While I morally oppose abortion in my own family, I am not opposed to abortion by other people in what is obviously a free society. People are all accountable before God for their own choices in life.

I will not consider forcing my morality upon anyone else living in a free society. Though my own personal view is that abortion is murder. The best argument for the other side is made in the Hollywood movie starring Patrick Swayze, ‘Dirty Dancing’. The movie argues to keep abortion legal.

If women are forced to have unsafe, illegal abortions, their own lives, future fertility and health could be at serious risk. Therefore it’s much better is to have it available in hospitals by qualified doctors.


USA, July 2.