The 21st century has been a success for Asia, in terms of socio-politico-economic development. China in particular is striving to reach the status of a superpower in both Asia and the world. Due to its geographic location and good relations, Pakistan has an essential role in helping. 

Unfortunately Pakistan is entangled in the quagmire of its own problems, which won’t get solved anytime soon. Religious extremism, political instability, corruption and poverty are a few of the nation’s problems. Their outcome is gruesome. The unending surge of extremis has brought the society on verge of destruction. The virus of dogmatism is affecting all aspects of life, even higher educational institutions. Similar to fortresses of rationality where, a mind is not susceptible to such irrationality. Madrasa’s are no longer the only target for militants, as they’ve started approaching universities. They are corrupting the minds of our youth. 

In addition to that the state institutions such as NAB, FIA, etc have been trying to put corrupt politicians and criminals behind bars. However due to unknown reasons people like Dr Asim and Ayan Ali who, were allegedly arrested in high profile cases have been released. The leak of the Panama papers, which consisted PM Nawaz Sharif and his family’s name, had been bought to the Supreme Court. The verdict was to create a ‘Joint Investigation Team’ (JIT) to look in to this matter. Due to this we see more political instability in the country and the increase of political parties in quandary. 

Pakistan has proved its capability to execute the responsibilities at external fronts but has not internally. On the contrary, it has failed to expedite the domestic issues and plan something fruitful for itself in the forthcoming paradigm shift. It is imperative for the nation to get ready for new challenges to embrace the competition in the region. Hence, the internal issues need to be fixed as quickly as possible. New reforms in regards to education and the judiciary should be made. It’s one way to improve society. 

Therefore it’s time for the government to devise a plan, which takes the country towards progression, stability and prosperity. Otherwise we won’t be able to survive the ever-changing atmosphere of the world. 


Naudero, July 1.