rawalpindi - As many as 606 Polling Stations (PSs) set up for general elections 2018 have been declared highly sensitive and 1036 sensitive in Rawalpindi Division including Attock, Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Jhelum and Islamabad while tight security arrangements have been finalized for A, B & C, category polling stations.

According to the administrative division by the Election Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad is part of the Rawalpindi region. Out of 786 polling stations of the federal capital, 26 have been declared highly sensitive, 87 sensitive and 673 normal in the federal capital.

1069 polling stations of Attock district include, 301 highly sensitive, 532 sensitive while 236 are normal.

Rawalpindi district which would have 2576 total polling stations including 145 highly sensitive, 99 sensitive and 2332 normal while Chakwal district has total 925 polling stations with 74 highly sensitive, 217 sensitive and 634 normal.

Similarly, Jhelum would have 60 highly sensitive, 101 sensitive and 597 normal in total 758 polling stations of the district.

The administration has finalized security arrangements for the division as 12,841 police personnel will be deployed at 5328 polling stations in four district of Rawalpindi division including Rawalpindi, Attock, Jhelum and Chakwal.

Meanwhile, the security plan for the polling stations falling under the administrative control of Islamabad capital territory has been finalized by the Islamabad administration separately.

As many as 6132 cops will perform security duty in Rawalpindi district while 2754 will be deployed in Attock district.

Similarly, 1841 police officials will be on security duty in Jhelum and nearly 2141 in Chakwal district.

Strict monitoring of polling stations will be carried out through CCTV cameras and district monitoring officers are monitoring the steps taken for implementation of code of conduct issued by Election Commission of Pakistan.