The Election commission of Pakistan in collaboration with Pakistan Army and other state institutions is doings its best to conduct transparent, fair and free 2018 general election across the country.

Meanwhile, a national youth organization known as ‘Together for Tolerance’ has launched a phenomenal campaign entitled ‘2K18 PurAman Intikhab’. This organization has trained more than 120 university students from different universities of Pakistan and assigned them many responsibilities to conduct awareness sessions in universities, communities, colleges and other important places regarding general elections.

The awareness sessions of the TFT trainers regarding general elections on social media are being widely recognized and appreciated by the politicians, journalists, social organizations, educationalists and many more dignitaries.

It is important to mention that first time in the history of Pakistan such a national organization with zero support by the Government has taken such steps to work for free, transparent, peaceful and fair conduct of elections.

The people of Pakistan need to appreciate, encourage and motivate such dedicated youngsters to continue their efforts for better, prosperous and strong Pakistan.


Khuzdar, July 3.