HAFIZABAD/MUZAFFARGARH-Election fever in the district is mounting day by day and all the contesting candidates are holding corner meetings in their constituencies.

A rally was taken out from Kot Sarwar by the activists of Tehrik Labbaik Pakistan which was led by its chief Khadim Hussain Razvi who addressed at Jalalpur Bhattian, Sukheki Mandi and Hafizabad last night. He appealed to the masses to vote for Ch Liaqat Abbas Bhatti, the TLP candidate for NA-87, Assadullah Arain, candidate for PP-69, Syed Waseemul Hassan Naqvi, candidate for PP-70, and Syed Shoaib Shahnawaz, candidate for PP-71, to ensure introduction of Islamic system in the country, which is panacea for all problems confronting the nation.

Likewise, PTI leader Ch Mehdi Hassan Bhatti, flanked by his son, the candidate for NA-87 slot, and PP-70 candidate Malik Fayyaz Ahmad Awan, addressed scores of corner meetings in different villages and local localities to woo the voters. They told their audience to vote for PTI candidates to rid the country of corrupt politicians and to mitigate the sufferings of the masses.

Similarly, Saira Afzal Tarar, the PML-N candidate in NA-87, and Dr. Muzaffar Ali Sheikh, candidate for PP-70 slot, addressed various gatherings at more than 12 places to muster support for them.

One of the largest family of Hafizabad - Ansari - held a biggest reception in a local marriage hall in which President of the Ansari Biradari Iftikhar Ansari, patron Haji Musa Bhinder and other office-bearers including Amin Ansari and Seth Muhammad Sarwar announced their decision to support the PML-N candidates who thanked them for their support. They said that due to their decision, PML-N have been further strengthened. They said that Nawaz Sharif was living in the hearts of masses whether he was Prime Minister of Pakistan or in jail. They further said that return of PML-N Quaid along with his daughter Maryam Nawaz for surrendering their arrest has further infused spirit among the workers. They said by the grace of Almighty Allah, PML-N would be victorious in the elections.

In NA-182 constituency of Muzaffargarh, PML-N Candidate Hamad Nawaz Tipu, Meher Arshad Siyal (PPPP) and Jamshaid Ahmad Khan Dasti, the chairman of Awami Raaj Party, are in the political race.

In PP-270 constituency, the electoral struggle is between Hamad Nawaz Tipu (PML-N) and Abdul Hai Dasti (Independent). In NA-184, Jamshaid Ahmad Dasti and Qaswer Kareem Langrial are bracing for the seat. And In PP 271 Nawabzada Mansoor Ahmad Khan (PTI), Imran Qureshi (Independent) and Ismaeel Bhutta are canvassing for their election.