LAHORE-One of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, Teefa in Trouble had its premiere in Lahore last night. The premiere was attended by the top celebrities and socialites as well as selected members of the media.

Following the sexual harassment allegations made by singer Meesha Shafi against actor-cum-singer Ali Zafar, a boycott of the movie was planned outside Cinestar IMAX cinema. On Thursday night, a crowd besieged Nuplex cinema in Karachi where the film premiere was planned. Charged protesters blocked Ali Zafar’s vehicle; however, the singer remained unhurt.

Meanwhile, Waleed Zaman, the creative director of Kayseria, was stopped by the protestors in Lahore. The protesters asked him questions regarding his participation and support for a sexual harasser; however, Zaman and his wife left the scene, ironically saying “We support sexual harassment of women.”

This statement drew controversy on social media where he was called out for making such flippant comments.

A video became viral on social media from the live stream of the Girls at Dhabas page, while Waleed was walking into the cinema with his wife, the protestors were asking questions at them in regards to their perspectives on the matter.

Later, Zaman apologized on social media and wrote, “I want to deeply apologize for my insensitive, terrible statement. My wife was being threatened, harassed and provoked by the protesters badly as I was extremely upset and angry at being singled out and bullied. I lashed out with the first thing I could think of to sound nasty and vicious as I felt helpless. I respect the sensitivity of the subject and my unacceptable insensitivity in reaction. I did not mean what I said.”