Lahore    -   Dr Masood homoeopathic pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Director Dr Muhammad Zubair Qureshi said that homoeopathic pharmaceuticals are looking to expand healthcare initiatives in Pakistan & Asian markets as it recognizes the challenges of Asian markets.

In an interview with The Nation, he said, “Asian markets are fast-emerging markets for homoeopathic manufacturers; we should embrace the challenges and demands of the region to meet its medical needs.”

Dr Zubair, who is also president for a society of homoeopaths and has more than 20 years of global experience in the industry, said that Masood and many other manufacturers have acknowledged the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare.

“The rising middle class here means that we have to respond very quickly to the changes in healthcare sector,” he said.

He noted that access to new technological advancements and ventures allows Masood to explore new ways of fighting health issues, be it allergies, immune system or diabetes. He said the company recently decided to increase its focus on hypertension, diabetes, child’s immune system, psoriasis, migraine, ENT ailments and lifestyles. Highlighting the importance of the research and development department, he termed it the DNA of Masood’s success. Masood spent millions of rupess on R&D.

“We are manufacturing innovative homeopathic medicines through our Research and Development commitment. Asked about quality standards of homeopathic medicines in view of Pakistan’s regulatory regimes what role Masood could play in emerging markets, Dr. Muhammad Zubair Qureshi replied: Dr.Masood homoeopathic pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. complies diligently with all Islamic & legal requirements as Pakistan Halal Standard (PS-3733:2016), Global Halal Management System (IHI-Alliance Malaysia) Malaysian Standard MS-2424:2012, GMP and DRAP rules & regulations.

Assuring the quality and safety of Masood’s products, and responsible labeling, has always been a top priority for Dr.Masood homoeopathic pharmaceuticals in all markets throughout the World. “We have two main research centers which cover different areas and overall clinical trial programs which give us comprehensive data and understanding.

Currently we are working on more than 30 remedies which are in various stages of clinical development, some of them have approved and research papers have been published in international journals.”

“We do consider this as an opportunity to our business interest; we believe this strength will help us to fully penetrate in large emerging markets.

The new government is committed to resolving some issues in Pakistan’s homoeopathic pharma landscape, the director said, adding that Masood is creating a colorful tomorrow and expanding its business in Asian markets. “We feel confident that strong player intent, R&D investments and actions will underpin future growth and enable the homeopathic industry to play its due role in the overall dispensation of healthcare in Pakistan, he added.