KARACHI     -    Pak Sarzameen Party chief Mustafa Kamal on Sunday extended his support for the presidential system in the country, saying that all provinces should have equal representation to elect the prime minister.

The PSP on Sunday held a public gathering at Bagh-e-Jinnah titled ‘Ab Nahin tou Kab’ attended by large number of party activists. The event was also addressed by different party leaders including its President Anees Qaim Khani, Ashfaq Mangi, former Karachi deputy mayor Arshad Vohra and several others.

Addressing the party gathering, Kamal said that if anyone has issue with the name of presidential system then it should be given another name but it should include equal representation for all provinces to elect a prime minister.

“When a prime minister needs a majority of seats from GT Road in Punjab to grab premiership then how could he give importance to Karachi or other smaller provinces,” he said adding that despite being a business hub, the prime minister even did not stop in the city for a day.

The PM comes here to inaugurate projects and meet some businessmen and then returns without spending a night in the city as he knows that the 20 seats from the city were not important for him.

“If we have equal representation of all areas then the prime minister had to focus on every constituency equally as our votes would have same importance for him as the votes on GT Road,” he said.

He said that a system would be brought in the country that even the prime minister needed my vote. “I want my vote equal to that of Punjab otherwise our prime minister will only come occasionally as he do not need of our seats and requires more seat from Punjab,” he said.

He also demanded the army chief to intervene in the affairs of the city as the military has played its role in resolving other issues in the country. 

“This is a security issue as people are fed up of the incumbent rulers and their policies that are increasing their problems day by day,” he said adding that the situation could worsen if people has decided to retaliate and it could also endanger the current political system.

He asked the army chief to play his role in bringing all stakeholders on one page to resolve masses issues.

This system will not go far and the PSP that has not won representation in the assemblies is getting unwavering support across the country, he said adding that he would wait for replies on his demand from Sindh and federal governments.

“I have demanded the army chief to play his role and will wait for his reply and if not given reply then we will not die one by one and will prefer to come out on roads and take a bullet on our chest rather dying at home,” he vowed.

He said that the Karachi has stood up for its rights and have given complete support for his cause.   

He also expressed his apathy over current apathy of the city and demanded that abolition of the role of local bodies minister in the country. “Instead of local bodies minister, the mayors should be empowered to resolve the issues at grass root level,” he said.

He said that street crime is on rise and people are dying in such incidents despite operation cleanup in the city. He said that the crime would not end in the city unless Sindh police recruit local population.

Speaking on the occasion, Anees Qaimkhani said that the change-referring to a slogan of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and ethnic politics- referring to MQM-Pakistan politics- have failed and the only hope for people from Karachi to Kashmore is Mustafa Kamal.