Milk and milk products in the pure form provide a wealth of nutrient benefits, but on the other hand, they are excessively hazardous and harmful for us humans when they are adulterants. From dairy farm to milk seller’s shop, the milk is being adulterated to get a great amount of money and provide enough milk to customers. Most commonly used adulterants include water, formaldehyde, ammonium sulphate, hydrogen peroxide, urea, and chemicals used in detergents.

According to a report of national institutions, 70% of the milk produced in the country is adulterate; which is causing stomach and heart problems and sometimes blindness.

So, the authorities concerned must go for a regular check on milk seller’s shops and dairy farm to prevent them from this hideous practice. And, the dairy farms should also be developed to increase milk production. If the milk is available in sufficient quantity then there will be no need of making them adulterant.