Mohsin Abbas Haider denies all allegation of domestic abuse claimed by his wife Fatima Sohail and challenged her to prove the assault with pictures. 

Haider agreed their marriage was “toxic”, but claimed that he never beat his wife. “There are no medical reports to support her claim,” he told a press conference on Sunday. 

“The pictures she shared were of 2018, when she fell down the stairs”, while talking about the posts his wife made on social media. He added that they were the same pictures she had sent him last year when he was traveling for films and photoshoots. 

The actor invited Sohail to come to the police station and show the marks on her body. He said the police are unable to reach her as she has switched off her phone.

“If she showed the police the evidence, they would arrest me on the spot,” he added.

He questioned the prejudice shown by the media towards women who accuse men. “All crying women don’t speak the truth,” he said, adding that Sohail was playing the ‘woman card’. He spoke about how his marriage never worked and said they had mutually realized that they were not compatible. “We married in the heat of the moment, but soon realized that we couldn’t live together,” he said.

Haider further claimed his Facebook account has been hacked and that he didn’t make any abusive comments. Moreover, he said that divorce is the only solution to this problem.