Even though the government and concerned authorities of KP made positive attempts and conducted several projects against polio but none of them helped to have a polio free province. Due to the consistent refusal of parents against polio vaccination in the province, the province remains on the top in the country with a continued prevalence of polio-virus. Five more polio cases have been reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

According to a report a total of 37 polio cases have been confirmed in the country during 2019, with KP alone having 31 cases. Three polio cases each have been confirmed in Sindh and Punjab this year. The government of KP is appreciated for the positive efforts and special immunisation campaign for eradication of polio virus. So I appeal the nation to ensure that every child is vaccinated against this deadly virus and it is only possible if the concerned authorities conduct some more awareness campaigns to educate each individual about this prevalent disease.