Prime Minister Imran Khan is reported to have asked the Law Ministry to examine and review the Production Orders for arrested MNAs and MPAs and see whether those facing criminal charges on corruption and other accounts should continue to avail this facility.

Production Order for arrested MNA or MPA by the Speaker of the respective legislature is a facility as per the Rules of Procedure and the parliamentary traditions. MNA or MPA for whom a production order is issued is brought by the officials of the concerned agencies in whose custody he may be so that he may participate in the proceedings of the National Assembly or the Provincial Assembly.

Such a production order of any arrested MNA or MPA is issued by the Speaker of the concerned national or provincial legislature on the written request by the parliamentary leader of the party concerned. This facility is meant only to enable the arrested MNA or MPA to participate in the proceedings of the House concerned to which he belongs. After the House proceedings are over, he is supposed to be taken back from where he was brought immediately .

During the last couple of months, production orders of many opposition leaders/legislatures in custody of NAB or in jail anywhere have been produced by the Speakers concerned. But it is a matter of record that the MNAS/MPAs for whom such production orders are issued bluntly and flagrantly abuse and misuse this facility by indulging in political activities and talking to the media people. No such extra-parliamentary activities are supposed to be allowed, and none should be availed.