BEIJING    -    Chinese reli­gious circles have expressed deep indignation and strong­ly condemned the defama­tion of China’s freedom of re­ligious belief by some people and entities in the US, who fabricated reports and held a conference on “promoting re­ligious freedom.”

Leaders of several nation­al religious organizations at a meeting in Beijing con­demned the US on making an issue of religion to attack Chi­na and express their solemn position.

Noting that Chinese Chris­tians have benefited from China’s policy of freedom of religious belief, a leader of the China Christian Council said the US charges against China was inconceivable and outrageous.

The US has politicized re­ligion and used religion as a pretext to attack the Com­munist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese govern­ment, which is a shameful act of blasphemy, the Christian leader said.

A leader of the Islamic As­sociation of China said the Chinese Islamic community is angered by what