SUKKUR    -     The Impact, a UK-based nonprofit organisation, has organized 10th Tele-training Session on Covid-19 with a large scale institutional participation across the region.

The session discussed the interpretation of medical data having its impact on clinical management of Covid-19 and how to critically evaluate emerging evidence of the pandemic.

The session was facilitated by the Sindh government as the health department and DG health services assured participation of the secondary care units, including talukas and districts. From primary care, the CEO PPHI Sindh Abdul Wahab Soomro took the lead and participated along with his team from all the 29 districts.

The session was moderated by Dr Najeeb Ahmed, a consultant in Hull University Hospitals, UK. The first speaker, Dr Khurrum Khan from London, provided an insight into the interpretation of a rapidly evolving scenario of statistical and biological perspectives and its impact on evidence based medicine within the context of Covid-19 e.g. case series, cohort studies, clinical trials, etc.

The second part of the session was led by consultant epidemiologist Prof Rashid Chotani from Nebraska Medical University, Washington DC, who gave a thought-provoking lecture on the possibilities of re productivity of the virus, drew the guidelines around testing and retesting, cost effectiveness, swabs handling and realistic target approach to testing and treatment.