ISLAMABAD - People living in the far flung areas of Pakistan, mainly the females, will largely benefit from the 3G and 4G services especially amid the corona situation.

The government of Pakistan is committed to promoting the country’s technological capacity to develop a globally competitive IT sector and industry, said Gwadar Pro quoted Chinese scholar Prof. Zhou Rong, senior Fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Study of Renmin University, as said in an article.

He said under this initiative, the objective of providing IT infrastructure and connectivity for people, is to provide broadband services to the locals, create job opportunities and empower women.

The scholar said that about two million people may benefit from this project adding, to a certain degree, it has successfully removed pay-wall restriction on coverage of COVID-19.

According to him, popularizing 3G and 4G in Pakistan has never been an easy job.

Take online class as an example. On March 13, Pakistan announced the closure of all educational institutions following the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country.

The federal and provincial governments encouraged online classes long ago, but it was very difficult to implement.

Many areas in Balochistan are not equipped with fiber optic lines. Nine out of 32 districts are completely without mobile internet services, as the internet was shut down due to security reasons.

Since then all classrooms have remained shut, prompting a huge crisis in the education sector at all levels.