ISLAMABAD-The couple tied the knot back in 2017 after having dated for a while. After their wedding, Zara and Asad had planned a honeymoon to Turkey but somehow things couldn’t work out and they couldn’t enjoy their trip to Turkey. In a recent video clip, Zara shared what actually happened regarding the cancellation of their honeymoon and it’s actually hilarious. “I had an old passport, one with my single status and one married. My Turkish visa was on the passport with my American visa and we planned a trip to Turkey for the honeymoon,” shared Zara. Zara then added that their trip went smoothly till Dubai but they weren’t allowed to enter Turkey. “My old passport with my American Visa had my Turkish visa but even after I insisted Asad had left my old passport home saying he had experience of traveling more than me,” joked Zara. And so, Zara and Asad were sent back without having enjoyed their honeymoon.