KARACHI - The Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) is facing 600 to 700 megawatt power shortage for the last many years since its privatisation the management didn't take any initiative to increase the power generation. It also didn't show any interest in investing in the installation of new power plants. Within the period of two years we can provide 1400MW to KESC from the already existed units in Korangi and SITE which are closed due to poor maintenance, said Qazi Nisar Ahmed, Chairman Qismat Power Energy (QPE) private limited. He said that our company was going to introduce modern gas/LPG/steam turbine import from Ukraine and Russia and had demanded KESC to provide land, building and storage tank within the premises of Korangi and SITE area. "During the last two years, after privatisation of KESC, not a single unit is added for power generation while former and current management had made many tall claims of establishing 560 and 220MW power plants," he added. Nisar said: "We have proposed KESC to install 1264MW power-based units comprising on 186MW combined cycle power plant in 24 months period and also to provide electricity on cheaper rates of 6.50 per unit but KESC management for the last 9 months did not take interest in signing agreement." He informed that total electricity shortage in the country has reached upto 6,272MW and business community along with common people was suffering while government compelled to purchase electricity on high rates from the IPPs. He proposed that government should construct new dams for the provision of cheaper electricity which would not only reduce the burden on common people but also strengthening the economy. He said that gas reservoirs of the country had also reducing rapidly and in 2012, Pakistan would indulge in deep gas crisis if it would not launch the Iran gas pipeline project to the earliest. "My company not only ready to bring investors for gas pipeline project but also for the installation of 1488MW power plants in Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and Karachi," he added. He further proposed the government to strengthen its relations with Russia and make agreement which would benefit the country and it would also curb the influence of USA. He added that USA was creating hurdles in Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipeline project. Nisar said that Qismat Power Energy (Pvt) Ltd are going to constitute a joint venture with its Russian-Ukraine counterparts who were inclined to form a consortium to accommodate the pipeline project. They were looking into the perspective of providing financial and technical assistance in undertaking the construction work of the said project to its complete implementation. He alleged that due to the wrong policies and corruption of former prime minister Shaukat Aziz, whole country was suffering with the shortage of wheat, food, water and electricity. He also demanded the government to review the privatisation of KESC if they want to save the country because the Karachi is the backbone of the country's economy.