I congratulate your paper for pointing out America's ambivalent policy towards Pakistan through the article "US paradoxes in FATA" by Sajjad Shaukat on May 5, 2008. The article has logically elaborated upon the contradictory US policy that seems to be pursuing confused goals especially in connection with the NWFP. On the one side, America wants to see Pakistan as a moderate country with a democratic system of government. Though, it is destabilizing our country via air strikes in the FATA areas without considering the internal backlash it would produce and the impetus it will give to fundamentalism. The US has virtually ensured that the new civilian regime fails in its efforts for peace. . The coalition government has taken a good decision by signing peace treaties with the militants of the tribal regions. As a result, the suicide attacks in Pakistan have been reduced to the minimum. But the US is trying to sabotage these peace deals to create lawlessness in the country. The writer is quite right in assessing that Washington could attack the NWFP in future with a view to keeping the NATO countries united and divert the attention of the American public from its defeat during the ongoing War on Terror. -IMRAN RAFIQUE, Lahore, via e-mail, June 5.