Somehow, despite having been a very able stand-in for Inzamamul Haq for considerable time, Younus Khan has mostly been a reluctant skipper. And he has resigned once too often from the job, starting with bringing down a cricket board chaired by Shaharyar M Khan in 2006. This Pakistan rare triumph was a moment for him to rejoice, celebrate, and bask in glory - like every Pakistani. But he chose to make even this moment of unadulterated joy controversial by opting out of twenty20 cricket. Such controversy was absolutely unrequired at a moment when Pakistan had against the odds reasserted its credentials at the world level. One would not like to believe but if the news on the wires that Younus has abdicated his responsibility as the leader of the pack for Pakistan, even if is meant only for twenty20 cricket at this point in time when all are rejoicing Pakistan's triumph, this announcement is rather disappointing. Pakistan cricket has quite often suffered because of its mavericks, and this is another instance when a stab has been delivered to its back by one of its leading lights. One is constrained to say that even if Younus didn't deep down feel that he can cope with the all-round challenges of twenty 20 cricket, he should still have delayed from calling it quits at a moment when the whole of Pakistan was so enthusiastically giving him a pat on the back for skippering the side to a super victory.