Jemima Khan's article, written in a British Sunday paper after her recent visit to the IDP camps in Pakistan, gives an interesting insight into her life. While holding a contemptuous view about Pakistan and Pakistanis in the article, Jemima claims to have matured and that she has moved on while the gimmicky socialites, whose lifestyles initially attracted her to Pakistan, are still living frozen in time. She revisits the Yousuf Salli haveli with its usual content of glam girls and mystic musicians, and then there is a pilgrimage to Lahore's Red Light area's most famous son and artist, Iqbal Hussein, painting Nautch girls as usual. Jemima is stifled by the two encounters. However, judging by her involvement in the IDP cause and her frequent write-ups in British papers, the rumour that she is contemplating a career in politics could be more than just a rumour. It does seem that while she has outgrown her former husband's overgrown but desperately trendy friends, and his pro-Taliban politics she is still under the spell of Imran's social welfare activities. * * * * * * * * * Well it does appear that First Lady Fauzia Gillani is trying to become a trendsetter of sorts. She had just returned after performing Umra with a retinue of forty, which she paid for from her own pocket. She also travelled rough, actually taking a bus from Mecca to Madina. Now that is a first, if any. But can we have more of the same, this time on home ground? * * * * * * * * * We all remember that Naheed Khan once reigned supreme as the late BB's political secretary. There were many NK disciples that carved major political careers while hanging on to her coat-tails. Dr Farkhruddin, now Punjab PPP information secretary, was one of them. Now how did he survive while Naheed faded into oblivion? Apparently, he cut his cord with Naheed and is now a more loyal than loyal friend of Rukhsana Bangash, political secretary to President Zardari, of course. New face, same formula.