We all talk a lot about inflation and high cost of living that have been caused by the energy crisis and loadshedding of gas and electricity. False promises, failed load management and corruption in rental power stations are the major political stories we read in our media which heighten the frustrations of our people some bit everyday. We are looking for solution of these crises from our highly inefficient government and very talkative politicians, or lately from a very independent and effective Supreme Court. When all of them appear to be failing in doing something, we would inevitably start looking towards the GHQ Rawalpindi. For now, we are all hung to dry, waiting for the promised dollops of US aid to arrive or help from Friends of Pakistan which may never come. Yes, there is no quick solution of this energy crisis, at least not in the hands of those that are lord and masters of our destiny but it is causing the epidemic of depression and hunger to infect our body of existence to such an extent that our masses have lost all hope and are committing suicides in droves. That is even more dangerous in terms of its toll on our society than even the war on terror. Our common man is already at the end of his tether, having crossed the boiling point long ago. The entire society is molten with repressed fury. Look at the civil war going on in Balochistan, or target killings daily taking place in Karachi, the simmer in tribal agencies or the sizzle in central & southern Punjab. The entire country is a heap of powder keg. Like millions of other Pakistanis, I also want to draw attention of our policymakers in government, leaders of our political parties, our engineers/scientists and especially the mega business groups and private entrepreneurs whether local or foreign that wish to invest in this country to focus on projects for generating cheap and green energy. Only cheap and green energy can now move the wheel of our industry and ease the miseries of life for our common people. The issues of Kalabagh dam/ Bhasha dam and other small/big dams would probably not be solved in the near future. Let us hope that with maturity in democratic polity and empowerment of institutions, we would be able to develop some common consensus peacefully some day but right now, there is no need to start another dispute among provinces. The solar energy, tidal energy, nuclear energy and fossil fuels energy are all out of our range because they require big investments in high-tech and new infrastructure and skill, all of which we lack at present. There is, however, another way. In the early 70s, when oil producing countries stopped oil exports to US, they had taken the initiative of starting about 100 plants of WTE (Waste to Energy) in different states. Waste to Energy (WTE) uses domestic municipal waste (paper, plastic, clothes, rags, wires, batter, left over of food etc) of communities that is collected commercially and separated through an automatic system of separation of metals, plastic, papers and other recyclable items to acquire a burnable residue of organic mix. This waste fuel is then incinerated in specifically designed furnaces that can produce high energy through its combustion which is harnessed by attached steam boilers to produce steam that runs steam turbines to produce electricity. These municipal waste fuel plants are commonly known as RDF plants (Refused-derived fuel plants) the more efficient of these can produce a lot of electricity through combustion of only a few tons of municipal waste. That is surely a viable proposition for producing cheap and green energy. -M MOAZZAM MALIK, Lahore, June 21.