RAWALPINDI The Accountability Court (AC) Rawalpindi No 3 on Monday dismissed acquittal applications of some 30 commission agents allegedly involved in Rs 2.5 billions land scam of Bankers City Housing Scheme. The AC judge, Syed Najmul Hassan Najam announced the decision, which he earlier reserved, and adjourned the proceedings for further hearing till June 26. The accused had moved the court for their acquittal under Section 265-K in which both the prosecution and defence sides completed their arguments. As per allegations many people were not given the promised plots against their money. The NAB Prosecutor, Arif Ali Chohan argued before the court that the acquittal of these accused could cause hurdles in the NABs investigation and would also affect recovery of the money. The NAB Prosecutor maintained before the court that the main accused in the case received money through the commission agents. These accused sold files of the plots to different people without any land. Main accused in the case had quite a less area of land and that too scattered at different places, he added. Now these commission agents are also praying to the court to acquit them, as they took the lawful commission only and they were not the accused. Chohan said that they took 30 percent commission in each deal whereas, according to the law, they could take only a percent commission instead.