LAHORE-The sizzling weather has pushed up demand of electricity upto 3000 MW in the country compared to last two days when demand and generation of electricity was on friendly terms in the country and pepco was at ease in relation to supply of electricity to its consumers across the country. The hot weather is the biggest enemy not only of people but also of pepco. It seems that both the people of the country and pepco are waiting for a spell of rain to escape the heatwave that is giving a tuff time to everybody. Burning sun snatches peace of both pepco and people equally in months of June and July when heatwave goes beyond bearable limits. In these days people can not tolerate even load shedding of two hours whether in day or night. The hot weather compels people to massively use fans and other cooling appliances including air coolers and air conditioners and it becomes hard for pepco to meet the cooling needs of 170 million people across the country. On Monday, electricitys generation was 13320 MW while its demand/consumption was also 16281 MW, while few days ago. Thus, a shortfall of 2961MW in the pepco system was noted in the pepco system while two days ago it demand and generation was equal and people face nominal load shedding for almost last one month. It is true that there is power crisis in the country but on June 16th and 17th the demand and generation/ supply of electricity was equal. On June 16th electricitys generations was 13510 MW while its demand/consumption was also 13510 MW, and there was no shortfall of electricity in the pepco system. According to pepco, loadshedding will continued for 5 hours in urban areas and 7-8 hours in the rural areas. The pepco may increase duration of load shedding in the days to come to bridge the shortfall of electricity due to the increased demand of electricity. Now the demand of electricity has reached 16281 MW against electricity generation of 13320 MW, making it a hard for pepco to run its system but it power demand will definitely go down if a change comes in weather condition in the next few days. People have apprehensions that load shedding will increase amid the heatwave and it yet to be seen whether pepco proves people apprehension true or comes to their rescue by increasing its power generation so as to meet the wrath of the hot weather. In some parts of the country temperature has crossed 50C and people are not able to tolerate power cut even for 4 hours.