When the PPP government formed a coalition government in Sindh and propagated a policy of reconciliation, it promised peace for Karachi and rest of Sindh. Unfortunately, what we have witnessed is an escalation in frequency and numbers of the targeted killings which now occur at regular intervals. It is time the government understood that if the state compromises with those involved in planned, ruthless murder of innocent citizens, it loses its right to govern, collect taxes or demand that its writ be accepted. Can anybody justify the impotence of government over 250 security and police personnel being killed in Karachi through planned targeted hits? This unpardonable act has damaged morale of the police for ever long and they would likely hesitate to act against criminals in future. That should also explain the present failure of our law enforcement agencies. The daylight escape of four handcuffed terrorists from Karachi City Courts is a failure of our Interior Ministry, intelligence network, paramilitary apparatus, et al. Justice must be seen to be done and murderers, kidnappers, land grabbers, robbers and other criminals should be prosecuted and given stern punishment. Only that would serve as a deterrent for others contemplating a crime. Let justice be done, even if heavens have to fall, said the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. When political exigencies force the state to ignore crimes like murder, it very loudly sends a message that the law of jungle prevails. That is what we have in Karachi. Reconciliation should never mean making compromises with murderers, kidnappers and muggers out in the street to pounce on the innocents. The silence and failure of the Sindh Interior Ministry over heinous crimes of targeted killings in Karachi has emboldened terrorists. Today there are more weapons in Karachi than in any other part of Pakistan. These sophisticated weapons are neither produced in FATA nor in any other part of Pakistan. They are being smuggled either from the sea or via the Afghan Transit Trade route with connivance of the corrupt among Customs, Coastguards and security agencies. Karachi bleeds today while terrorists manage to flee from courts because the whole system is corrupt and incompetent. -ANEELA CHANDIO, Sukkur, June 20.