ISLAMABAD The exclusion of former captain Younus Khan from the Pakistani squad named to tour England is just like dropping a bombshell on the already deprived cricket fans who are still in a shock over the national teams poor performance in the Asia Cup. This decision clearly indicates PCBs biased attitude towards Younus. The fragile batting order was badly exposed in the Asia Cup where instead of making the right move by bringing both Muhammad Yousuf and Younus Khan back to the Pakistani fold, the management simply ignored them. How can one expect to achieve desired results by making such foolish decisions and who will be responsible for the decline of Pakistani cricket? the questions like these come to mind whenever we glance at the named squad for the English tour. The team doesnt have a single specialist test player and it is feared that it is bound to be doomed. The Pakistani cricket is on the verge of collapse and no one else but Chairman PCB Ijaz Butt is totally responsible for it. He should come forward and claim the responsibility for the teams poor performance in almost all the major tournaments. Pakistani cricket is going from bad to worse with each passing day and any further delay in appointing a seasoned person for the top slot of PCB means no one at the top is concerned about the feelings and emotions of the general public. Mr President Asif Ali Zardari You have already wasted a lot of precious time in showing the exit door to this whole incumbent PCB set-up. Please for the sake of cricket, stop playing with the emotions of the fans, remove the entire PCB body immediately and appoint an ad hoc committee that would be answerable to either National Assembly or the Senate. The fear of accountability among the PCB management will certainly help change the fortunes of the team. Mr President the whole nation is looking at you and expecting a bold and right move. Being the Patron-in-Chief of the PCB, it is your moral duty to act now as the team cant afford any further delays. If things continue in the same patron, it is feared that the day is not far away when cricket like squash will be remembered only in history.