KARACHI Former boxing president of the international boxing body (AIBA) Prof. Anwar Chowdhry, who passed away here three days ago, was laid to rest at a local graveyard on Monday afternoon. Prominent among those who attended his funeral and burial were president of Pakistan boxing Federation Doda Khan Bhutto, a number of former Pakistani international boxers who came to limelight when late Chowdhry headed the PBF, former international athlete Muhammad Talib and a large number of friends and admirers. Late Anwar Chowdhry and former world squash champion Jahangir Khan were the only Pakistanis in the long 63 years of Pakistans sports history who held coveted top positions of an international sports federations. Chowhdry was the first Pakistani to hold top job of an international sporting organization. Jahangir Khan, the eminent former world squash champion, became the second Pakistani to head an international sports body when he was twice elected as head the World Squash Federation. AIBA President Dr Ching Kuo-Wu had also condoled the death of the boxing icon who steered the fate of amateur boxing for 20 long years . Among a number of international official figures who expressed their sorrow and grief on the demise of the Pakistani were Kishen Narsi from India, member AIBA executive Committee, Yoo Jae Joon from Seoul Korea, Shabib Mohamed Kamel, president of Syrian Boxing Federation, and member of AIBA EC, Gofur Rahimov Executive Vice President of AIBA, Paul King ABA of England and member of AIBA executive Committee, Maher Mohammed Ali Abul from Bahrain, Bashar Mustafa Othaman and Mrs Ekbal Kaisy from Iraqi Boxing Federation. They all paid rich tributes to him describing his death as a great loss to world boxing. Late Chowdhry dedicated his life to the cause of boxing. They have extended condolences to the bereaved family of the late official and have expressed deepest sympathies to the family. They all prayed that his soul rest in eternal peace. They said late Chowdhry was a visionary and had contributed to the development of the sports at world level. Anwar Chowdhry won the highest office at AIBA two decades ago with the support of African and East European votes. The third world countries under him had more say in the running of the AIBA which was once totally dominated by the USA. He ruled AIBA with iron hand but as he aged his poor health came in his way to keep that hold. Some of his old pals who gave him unflinching support advised Chowdhry to pick his replacement. Chowdhry refused to read the writing on the wall and tried to extend his reign which finally came to end four years ago. Until he remained boss of AIBA he with the assistance of his loyal friends in AIBA made a number of positive contribution to world amateur boxing. However, after his exit from AIBA, he also lost control of Pakistan Boxing Federation which he had dominated for over 40 years. He also lost his fight at home. A young Doda Khan Bhutto, who had no experience of running the boxing federation, replaced Chowdhry as head of the PBF. Young Doda Khan Bhutto proved an effective head of the national boxing. He single handedly hosted an international boxing event in Karachi last year. A good number of nations entered their teams in the competition at a time when foreign countries shunned coming to Pakistan due to security fears.