LAHORE - Terming the present regime a complete failure on all fronts, Central Shoora of the Jamaat-e-Islami has invited all political and religious parties for joint efforts to restore the countrys independence, and sovereignty, law and order, economic stability and rule of law. The two and a half year rule of the PPP and its coalition partners has only brought political chaos, economic ruin, moral decline, clash of institutions and outside interference in the countrys affairs, says a charge-sheet issued by the JI central consultative body against the coalition government on Monday. A resolution adopted by the Shoora noted the public mandate in the February 2008 polls was for a change but the Zardari government continued Pervez Musharafs policies because of which the country had been reduced to a US colony. Pakistan had suffered to the tune of billions in the so-called war on terror. The government was facing Do-More demands from Washington while the US and NATO were thinking of pulling out from Afghanistan. It said the government was heading for confrontation with the judiciary and obstructing implementation of the Supreme Court order in regard to the NRO. Military operation was going on Baluchistan and drone attacks had increased. The US Think Tanks, media, and parliamentarians were openly accusing the Pakistan government, army and its agencies of duplicity and were tarnishing Pakistan image for further blackmail. The JI Shoora said the governments policy towards India was in conflict with national dignity and countrys interests as major issues like Kashmir and river waters, were being ignored in a bid to build confidence and enhance trade. The government was total blind to Indias open interference in Baluchsitan. It said the 18th amendment had failed to liberate the FATA people from the Frontier Crimes Regulation, a colonial legacy, and to assure them equal rights. There had been little progress towards building the country into an Islamic welfare state. On the other hand, lawlessness was at its heights, the life and property of the citizens was not secure. Around 500 citizens had died in target killings in Karachi but not a single culprit had been punished. The Interior minister himself was wanted in numerous cases but he along with the Law Minister were above the law. The government had also failed to bring to book the assassins of Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto. The government had failed to give an integrated economic policy and the burden of loans both foreign and internal had risen. Corruption was touching new heights, political appointments were continuing, and the energy crisis was deepening. Agriculture, the main stay of the countrys economy, was facing new crisis every day.