ISLAMABAD - A noted human rights activist and former federal minister J Salik on Monday challenged Article 51(E) of the 18th Amendment in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The petition was drafted and filed by Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution. The petitioner has prayed to the court to declare Article 51(E) of the Constitution as void ab initio as the said Article was against the fundamental rights of the minorities and basic structure of the Constitution. Salik has pleaded in his petition that the amendment in Article 51(E) of the Constitution by which the election procedure on the reserved seats of non-Muslims was shown through proportional representation system of political parties was against the fundamental rights of the minorities, and thus it was not only a sheer violation of the fundamental rights but was also against the basic structure of the Constitution, adding such in question amendment was liable to set aside. He also pleaded that after having been elected through such procedure as introduced in Article 51, the opinion power of the elected members would be under the control of the party which elected them, in fact selected them, as such it would also be against the sprit of democratic system and would develop relation of master and servant between them, therefore they should be elected directly through general elections.