LAHORE - Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan has urged the government to reject the US pressure on the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project and go ahead with the plan. Addressing a press conference on the conclusion of a three-day meeting of the JI Shoora here at Mansoora on Monday, he said the country was facing a serious energy crisis and if the US could not help Pakistan in overcoming the energy problem, it shouldnt create obstructions in her way. Munawar Hasan also urged Islamabad to ignore US reservations over Pak-China Nuclear cooperation making it clear to Washington it was our urgent requirement. He said in fact the US wanted to punish Pakistan for its defeat in Afghanistan and turn its defeat into victory. Therefore, Islamabad should not compromise in these matters. He said the US was strengthening India in Afghanistan in a bid to destabilize this country and India was infiltrating terrorists in Pakistan. He welcomed PML-N leader Nawaz Shar-ifs statement that the holders of fake degrees wont be issued party tickets, and termed it the first drop of rain. To a question on MMAs revival, he said the religious parties alliance was the need of the hour and the JI itself was striving for that. Rejecting the federal budget, the JI chief advised the government to cut down its lavish spending and provide relief to the poor. He said if the IMF was withholding its instalment, Pakistan should pull out of its clutches. Referring to Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshis statement that the Pak-Iran gap pipeline project would continue, he said this should be with reference to Holbrookes statement.