LAHORE - The president of Peoples Unity of PIA employees Lahore has blamed former president of Supreme Court Bar Association Muhammad Akram Sheikh of using abusive and unethical language against PIA and its staff on Sunday last for not issuing him air ticket in his absence. He categorically said Mr Sheikh talking to a lady PIA employee on telephone used the words, PIA has inducted dogs and bitches. He further alleged that due to this very attitude foreign Airlines including Lufthansa, Emirates airlines and Airblue banned Akram sheikh for flying with them. When contacted, Akram Sheikh said, right now I am sitting in a plane for a holy journey of Umra dressed in Ehram (a special religious dress) and being a Muslim I assure you that no such incident occurred and I never used abusive language against any female staff member. He said as he was in field of war against PPP government and due to this reason rulers were exploiting lower staff of PIA against him to defame his personality. He said he had already contacted District Manager PIA Mansoor Mela seeking favour for the issuance of Umra ticket on his credit card in his absence and he was agreed. So there was no room for such misconception, he further said. About the allegations of ban on flying with three foreign airlines, Akram Shiekh said it was baseless and biased information as he was privileged member of all three above-mentioned airlines. Peoples Unity President Sajid Gujjar while talking to The Nation claimed Mr Sheikh had submitted him a written complaint against the staff and used abusive language against PIA and its staff members. He said Sheikh often used such language. However, the secretary information of the unity in a press release stated on Sunday June 20, 2010, the driver of Akram Sheikh came at International Booking Counter for an Umrah ticket favouring Sheikh and contacted PIA Reservation and Ticketing Supervisor Ms Abida Malik. The driver further argued to arrange payment through credit card and 15 per cent discount on Standard Chartered Co-Brand, while the card holder Akram Sheikh was not available there at the PIA Booking Counter and there was no discount on Umrah fares as per Airline Rules and Regulations. Ms Abida Malik politely briefed that as per Airline SOP for the issuance of ticket for any sector presence of credit card-holder was mandatory. The driver requested the lady to talk to Sheikh on telephone and brief the case to the passenger as the driver himself was not able to communicate the same properly. When Sheikh was on line, Ms Abida Malik thoroughly explained the SOP twice. Hearing this Sheikh got flared and there was an onslaught of filthy, abusive and unethical language. Moreover, he threatened the lady of dragging her in the court. Contrary to this, Ms Abida Malik kept quite. She tried to uncurl the situation but to no avail. Eventually she handed over the cell phone to his driver and started weeping bitterly. When contacted, District Manager PIA Mansoor Mela said Akram Sheikh had contacted him seeking favour for the issuance of ticket in his absence and I was agreed but earlier the same incident also happened.