LAHORE - The matter of selecting good-quality sunglasses is not easy either, as the sale-and-purchase of imperfect, faulty or substandard sunglasses during the summer season always goes unchecked and causes many eye diseases. A survey conducted by The Nation on Monday reveals that low-quality sunglasses are causing various eye diseases among the citizens, who usually focus on cheap prices instead of quality. The sale-and-purchase of low-priced imperfect sunglasses is on the rise regardless of the fact that eye diseases are being caused by these sun-goggles. Sources in the local optical market say that most of the roadside and footpath vendors purchased defective sunglasses at cheaper rates from dealers, who imported sunglasses from abroad. They further say that sunglasses being rejected out of the ordered consignments are being sold mostly in Raja Bazaar, Rawalpindi. The consignments are being received from the companies in Germany, China and Italy. Shah Alam Optical Market General Secretary Muhammad Azhar says that people should purchase fit and multi-coated sunglasses that are available on cheap prices, adding that China-made sunglasses ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 500 are also available in the markets. The survey also reveals that people over 35-year age have the complain of eyestrains due to the age factor, but those under 35 who do not have the problem of eyesight always felt the strain. The sources say that no checks have been put on the business of low-quality sunglasses by the government. Eye specialist Dr Asad Aslam says that low-priced and low quality sunglasses can cause 'cataract after the eyestrains. He says the people should use the dark green plastic coated lenses also, adding that suggested people should avoid imperfect sunglasses to prevent from disease of eyes like macular degeneration. Drug addict succumbs to wounds A 24-year-old drug addict succumbed to wounds at a local hospital in the North Cantonment police area on Monday. Police investigators said the deceased, yet to be identified, was a drug addict and he sustained severe injuries in an accident after which he was shifted to Services Hospital. On duty police officer said the victim was provided medical treatment for six days but here on Monday, the doctors pronounced him dead. Later, an Edhi ambulance shifted the body to the city morgue for autopsy.