THE 46-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group, which starts its meeting in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Monday, will be engaged with a number of issues, but the most important will be whether or not it gives China the go-ahead to build nuclear reactors in Pakistan. The USA is going to press China not to sell Pakistan the reactors. The real paradox is that it is doing so because of Indian lobbying, even though the USA itself first signed its nuclear deal with India and only later brought in the NSG in 2008. The USA is trying to apply pressure on China, which is now part of the NSG, even though China is well aware that the USA has refused to give Pakistan a civilian nuclear deal even though it is both a key ally in the USAs war on terror, and also faces an energy shortage which has already started pinching. It must be noted that the USA is priming India to act as its counterweight in the region against China, and thus will press even harder to make it give up the deal with Pakistan, which involves two reactors at Chashma, generating 650MW each. Indian arguments have involved the worst kind of raising of bogeys to feed US fears. Including that of Irans nuclear development, but the USA must realise that it has yet to provide a solution to Pakistans energy needs, even though it so promised, and must therefore not stand in the way of Pakistan fulfilling its legitimate and genuine needs from other countries. The pressing need is for China to remember that its best interests lie in continuing the deal with Pakistan. It should notice that it is not even being offered compensation, even though one of the motives behind the US deal with India was commercial, so that its nuclear industry could find an outlet. China should realise the kind of unipolar world the USA wants, and how detrimental would be the combination of the USA and India in working against its interests, which at present include bringing the nuclear deal with Pakistan to fruition.