ISLAMABAD Senator Hamayun Khan Mandokhel, Monday, said that Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms (PCCR) while drafting the 18th Amendment did not take on board the Parliaments Standing Committees of the concerned ministries which would be provincial subject after the abolishment of the concurrent list. The performance of these ministries would be affected badly and it would cause severe administrative problems for the provincial governments as no modus operandi for the shifting of these ministries from the centre was decided prior to the passage of 18th Amendment, he viewed while talking to TheNation. He further said that the fate of many international protocols that are following these ministries and foreign funding also hangs in balance depending upon the decisions of donor agencies and provincial administrations. Engineer Hamayun Khan Mandokhel, an independent member of the Upper House who is also the Chairman of Standing Committee on Environment said this with reference to the Ministry of Environment, as environment has also become a provincial matter after the passage of the 18th Amendment. He said that Ministry of Environment itself was following 35 global protocols for reduction in environment hazards, safety of precious natural resources and protection of the environment. Who would ensure implementation of these protocols from the provinces, he asked. He further said that donor agencies were providing funding to the Ministry, as it was apart of international programmes of the world climate change and standards of quality of life. These donor agencies would also be reluctant to provide aid to provinces rather than center in view of the new agreements and conditions to each province separately. He also said that there was confusion whether the parent ministries in the centre would be retained and what would be the role of the Council of Common Interests (CCI) in this regard. Earlier, a meeting of the Senates Standing Committee on Environment held at the Parliament House and discussed the situation that prevailed after abolishment of concurrent list as a result of 18th Amendment. The committee expressed displeasure over the absence of Federal Minister for Environment Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi as well as the high ups of the Ministry from the meeting despite the fact that notices had been dispatched to all on 15th of this month. All the members of the Committee decided to move a privilege motion against the Federal Minister and the high ups of Ministry in the Privilege Committee of the Senate. Chairman of the committee remarked that the officials of the Ministry choose to spend their weekend in Lahore rather attending the important meeting of the Parliament. It was also decided that the committee would meet with the President and Prime Minister to resolve the confusion being faced by it as well as allocation of meagre amount of funds for environment in the fiscal 2010-11. The committee also decided to invite Senator Mian Raza Rabbani, Chairman of PCCR in its next meeting for his viewpoint over the prevailing confusion of modus operandi of shifting of ministries to the provinces from the Federal Government. The committee also re-constituted a sub-committee, as the previous convener Senator Islam-ud-Din Sheikh resigned from the committee, however it would be decided in the next meeting whether the sub-committee would meet the President or the whole Committee itself.