QUETTA The PPP-led coalition government in Balochistan presented third budget here on Monday for the fiscal year 2010-11 with total outlay of more than Rs 152 billion, having Rs 7.1 billion deficit while the size of development budget is Rs 26.7 billion. The basic salaries of police, Levies Force and Balochistan Constabulary have been increased to 100 per cent while 50 per cent enhancement was made in the salaries of civil employees. No new tax has been levied in the budget while opportunities of 5,700 new jobs have been created. A deficit of Rs.7.10 billion has been shown in the next budget which will be bridged through provincial resources. Balochistan Finance Minister, Mir Asim Kurd Gailoo, presented the fiscal year 2010-11 budget during a special session of Balochistan Assembly with Deputy Speaker Matiullah Agha in the chair amid tight security. He said that the current expenditure estimates are Rs 83.440 billion while capital expenditure estimates are Rs 41.810 billion. The development budget estimates are about Rs 26.000 billion which includes Rs 4.000 billion of foreign project assistance. He said that total estimates of receipts are Rs 144.910 billion which includes Rs 115.520 billion of Revenue and Rs 29.390 billion of capital receipts. He said that the federal receipts estimates are Rs 111.390 billion including Rs. 83 billion on account of share of Federal divisible pool. He said that Rs 12 billion grant on account of NFC-Award 2009 and Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan while revenue to be received from provincial resources are Rs 4.130 billion. He said that the budget deficit for the year 2010-11 is Rs 7.10 billion which will be bridged through provincial resources. 'I acknowledge the vision and the leadership qualities of Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani, under whose direction, we have succeeded to get Rs 120 billion on account of Gas Development Surcharge (GDS) under NFC-Award 2009 and Aghaz-i-Haqooq Balochistan which would now be paid to province of Balochistan in equal instalments of Rs 12 billion for five years, he added. While terming NFC-Award 2009 a historical achievement, he said that the new formula has enhanced the resources of Balochistan province from Rs 30 billion to Rs 83 billion. 'Federal Government has also agreed to provide arrears of GDS since 1954 worth Rs 120 billion and Rs 10 billion respectively under Aghaz-e-Haqooq Balochistan Package and NFC Award 2009, he added. Gailoo said that the Provincial Government during coming financial year has allocated an amount of approximately Rs 10 billion to strengthen law- enforcing agencies in their efforts to maintain peace and tranquility in the province. He said that provincial government has decided to raise the basic pay salary of the uniformed personnel of police Levies and Balochistan Constabulary by 100 per cent. Similarly, approximately 600 personnel of Balochistan Constabulary has also been regularised who were appointed by the Federal Government in a similar development project. Referring to education, he said that the literacy rate in Balochistan is only 34 per cent compared to the national level of 52 per cent. He said that the female literacy rate in rural areas of the province is only 10 per cent and it should be alarming for us to know that out of 1,100,000 primary school going children in rural areas of Balochistan, some 700, 000 lack access to the schools. He said that ,therefore, the Balochistan government has decided to provide an amount of Rs one billion to boost up the facilities in educational institutions. 'Rs 200 million has been allocated for purchase of furniture in the schools. Rs 400 million has been allocated for repair and renovation of schools particularly in the rural areas of the province which were badly neglected during the district government system, he said and ,added, that a sum of Rs 200 million has been allocated for repair and renovation of colleges of the province. He said that in order to fill the vacuum of teachers, the provincial government has decided to dedicate 5,000 posts provided by the Federal Government under Aghaz-e-Balochistan Package to Education Sector. He said that our provincial government was facing enormous challenges in Health Sector as lack of medicines, missing facilities, paucity of resources, ill-trained staff and absenteeism have been badly affecting the positive growth in this sector. He said that Infant Mortality Rate in Balochistan is 158 out of 1,000 newly born children which were worst in the developing world. Similarly, he said 4 out of 10 children in the rural areas are underweight due to food insecurities. 'Keeping this in mind our provincial government has decided to intervene and has allocated sufficient resources for the missing facilities, he informed. He said that in order to ensure provision of medicines to the poor people of the province, the resources have been raised from Rs 290 million to Rs 1,300 million. Similarly, to remove the deficiency of machinery and equipment particularly in the periphery, an amount of Rs 1,000 million has been allocated during coming financial year, he added. He said that an amount of Rs 100 million has been allocated for repair and renovation of health institutions throughout the province. He thanked Government of Punjab province for keeping a provision of Rs 1,000 million for construction of a Cardiac Hospital in Quetta. About Agriculture sector, he said that during current year nearly 200,000 subsidised bulldozer hours were provided by the provincial government to the peasants which has helped in levelling approximately 12,00 hectares of land for cultivation. Similarly, he said that for the coming financial year government had dedicated 300,000 subsidised bulldozer hours to make nearly 18,000 hectares of land cultivable. He said that Balochistan coastal belt has engaged nearly 50,000 fishermen for their livelihood with a 1.2 million metric ton fishing catch and creating a Rs 9 billion space in the provincial GDP. 'An amount of Rs 20 million has been allocated for purchase of Ambulances boats. Similarly an amount of Rs 25 million has been allocated for purchase of more patrolling boats to curb illegal fishing in our areas of responsibilities, he said ,adding, that we are thankful to Government of Japan for a generous donation of Rs 800 million as Counter Pat Fund for rehabilitation of Pasni Fish Harbour and hope that such assistance will also be extended for social sector development. He said that in order to bring all the areas of the provinces in a loop of road networks, schemes worth Rs 22,000 million have been planned to accomplish nearly 500 development projects during coming financial year. In Mine and Minerals sector, he said that Federal Government has planned to invest Rs 8, 000 million in this sector by raising a Copper Refinery and processing Plant in Balochistan which would have a capacity to refine 15,000 metric tons of Copper besides Gold and Silver. 'We are optimistic that this intervention would generate a considerable economic activity by engaging thousands of unemployed youth, he added. Asim Kurd Gailoo, said that Irrigation interventions have a major role for uplift of the provinces economy. During the current year, for execution of 20 out of 62 development projects in this sector, an amount of Rs 1,000 million has been provided mostly by the Federal Government. The total cost of these schemes is estimated to be Rs 4,000 million and these projects are likely to irrigate 20, 000 hectares of land, yielding better prospects for uplift of agriculture sector, he said. He said that the population in Balochistan province is growing at a fast pace and ,added, that by 2025, the current population of 7.8 million is anticipated to cross 10 million. 'This indeed warrants creation of enough opportunities for employment by the provincial government, he said. He said that in this regard with the assistance of Federal Government, the NAVTEC had made Technical Education Centers functional in 13 Tehsils of the province with the financial impact of Rs. 160 million and during next year, similar ventures would be undertaken in 8 more Tehsils of the province. Gailoo said that Rs 25 million has been allocated in the next financial year budget for creation of Women Development Department. He said that a part from this a separate Directorate would be established in the next financial year and more posts have been created to strengthen it. In order to provide employment opportunities , 5792 new post were created to reduce the unemployment ratio and the Federal and Provincial Government has taken the clear stance on account of Aghaz-e-Haqooq Balochistan Package to reduce the unemployment and promote the education. He said that the government servants played important role to run the provincial administrative machinery, policy making and implementation of Development Schemes. Therefore, he said that government has announced ad hoc Relief Allowance of 50 per cent on basic pay for all Provincial Government employees would be given. This excludes those Provincial employees who had already been given 2 times higher of their basic pay as a monthly allowance or those uniformed personnel of police, Levies and Balochistan Constabulary whose basic pay has been increased 100 per cent. Similarly, for grade 1 to 15 the medical allowance had been doubled while for grade 16 to 22, the medical allowance had been increased to 15 per cent of their basic pay, besides 15 per cent increase in pension for the employee retired after year 2001 and 20 per cent increase in pension for employees retired before 2001 has been made. He said that during current fiscal year, an amount of Rs 100 million has been dispensed to the families of affectees of terrorism and the government has also increased the compensation amount from Rs 500,000 to Rs 20,00,000 for the martyred police and other uniformed personnel including Levies and personnel of Prisons Department who have been affected due to terrorism. He said that government had allocated an amount of Rs 2 billion during next financial year on account of relief and rehabilitation of calamities hit areas.