If Talibinisation stands for militancy, weapons and lawlessness, the Pakistan Army might as well forget the Waziristan operation and begin one at home in the DHA and Clifton areas of Karachi. These areas are now in control of urban Taliban who roam around in heavy-duty jeepsters that are invariably official, stolen, smuggled or foreign-registered. They often travel in convoys with dozens of prohibited-bore weapon in procession which they brandish freely. They violate all traffic rules and hit, push, beat their way through, even roughing up decent citizens who question their lawless behaviour. While the illegal detention of a prominent city architect and scuffle with a PAF officer have been reported in the media because of the high profile of these individuals, there are hundreds of similar incidents that go unreported. While citizens of Karachi may not have any immediate fears from the Taliban of Waziristan, they are already in a state of siege because of the lawless proclivities of our militant ministers, parliamentarians and other powerful members of the state apparatus. Many streets in DHA and Clifton have been partly barricaded to provide security to this highly guarded but pathologically insecure species. Bilawal House in Clifton and the Home Ministers house in DHA are just two such examples. While the hungry citizens commit suicides, the state spends billions on protecting the ones that need the least protection. It is time that citizens unite and ask for removal of all ministers and parliamentarians from the civilized areas of the cities unless they can learn to obey law and behave like ordinary citizens. The DHA and Clifton authorities must be taken to task for failing to check blockades in the streets, pitching of tents and presence of thousands of armed guards in the name of security. The corrupt police of this city that never fails to 'Challan a poor person riding a Suzuki or motor bike simply looks the other way when the SUVs with Sindh government/ foreign registered vehicles go whizzing past them violating all rules. -NAEEM SADIQ, Karachi, June 21.