LAHORE - Speakers at a seminar here on Monday suggested the government to cut down non-development expenditures, impose direct taxes on the rich class, and bring agriculture sector and real estate business in to improve the tax-to-GDP ratio and to revive the faltering economy. They were addressing the post-budget seminar here at Hameed Nizami Hall on Monday. Renowned economist Dr Qais Aslam, Dr Syed Waseem Akhter Amir Jamat-e-Islami Punjab, Khurshid Ahmad Secretary General Pakistan Workers Federation, Ibrahim Mughal Chairman Agri Forum Pakistan, and Ashraf Bhatti President Anjuman Tajran Lahore spoke on this occasion. Dr Qais Aslam urged the government to invest in water and power projects besides improving skill development of the youth because such steps could help overcome economic problems being faced by the country. Dr Qais also said the government should enhance investment in electricity production projects by importing modern technology and focus on the initiatives to improve the skill development. He further said the federal and provincial governments should focus on the development of small cities and villages in far-flung areas by utilising all available resources. He said the installation of water filtration plants, community participation in development process and reforms in bureaucracy were also the areas of focusing by the government. He said instead of making blind decision of increasing wages of the civil servants, the government should undermine the efficiency of work of the government servants. Dr Waseem fulminated against the 'budget exercise by the government by terming it as only a benefit exercise for the rich by the rich. He said almost all the ministers were out of knowledge about the budget document, which he said comprised the weight of 15kg. He said millions of rupees were being wasted at the post-budget debates in parliaments. He termed Sasti Roti and Benazir Income Sport Programme as the programmes to make the masses beggars. He said if Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif bring their foreign assets into the country, the foreign debt of the country would come to end in a day. Ibrahim Mughal emphasised the need to focus on the agriculture sector and mineral resources. He said the government should spend the funds on agriculture by decreasing expenditure of non-development sector. He said decrease in agriculture production would bring disaster in economy and to avoid this horrible situation in future Kala Bagh Dam should be constructed without doing politics on it. Khursheed Ahmed said poverty, unemployment, loadshedding and terrorism were devastating the economy of the country. He urged the government to eradicate class-based education system and at the same time he suggested the good governance and need of subsidy on basic food items. Ashraf Bhatti demanded of the government of abolishing half of the turn over tax, which is currently one per cent. He said the adoption of simplicity by the rulers and end to non-development expenditures were necessary to make the country prosperous.