LAHORE - The Government College University, Lahore student is going to lead a delegation of Pakistani students at the Seeds of Peace International Camp 2010 in Maine, United States (US) starting from June 22 (today) to July 13, 2010. GCU intermediate student and swimming team captain Shehrayar Khalid is leading the delegation of nine students selected from different educational institutions of Lahore for the international camp. Hundreds of students from various countries including Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel meet at the Seeds of Peace camp in Maine every year. Students work together to accomplish tasks and are encouraged to talk about the issues that divide their nations. They live together, share meals and engage in various summer camp activities, including playing sports, going through obstacle courses and creating art projects. A Seed of Peace is a New York-based non-governmental and non-political organisation founded in 1993. Every year, more than 5,000 students from all over the world apply to attend this international event. However, a few of them are selected. Talking about the summer camp before departure, Shehrayar Khalid, also the member of GCU Seniors Club, said that he is going to attend the international camp for the second time and this time he is leading the delegation. Responsibility is very high. We need to represent true culture, values and traditions of our country as the Seeds of Peace chooses participants from diverse economic and religious backgrounds - Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Parsis. You need to be true and perfect to leave a strong positive cultural impact on the students of other countries, Shehrayar added. He said that the international camp would also provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about other cultures and faiths. GCU Vice Chancellor Dr Khalid Aftab has congratulated Shehrayar Khalid on his selection for the Seeds of Peace. The vice chancellor advised that every person has his own faith, ideas and knowledge. It is not necessary that you should agree with them.