This refers to a headline of The Nation dated June 20, 2010, No objection to Pak-Iran gas line: US. I must say we, the Pakistani nation, should be grateful to the US that it has no objection to this pipeline. This surely shows how obedient a servant we are of the US and how much the US cares for us. Mr Holbrooke is already here to give us latest of the US diktats and good old Hillary Clinton would likely follow up with surely shriller 'do more. It is heartening to know that our politicians have learnt to keep a hold on power, simply obey the master and do the rulinglet the country go to dogs. It is because of this formula that we get to read other headlines like Leading western media attacks Pak Army, Obama must persuade military leaders to stop playing double game with America. Well, as long as the western media and the US are soft on Asif, all is well. In Punjabi they say, Rabb raazi te sabb razi. In case of our government, particularly our President, we should say, 'Amrika raazi te PPP raazi. But remember, once upon a time America was soft on Musharraf also. Time and tide wait for none. -SHER BUX CHANDIO, Rohri, June 21.