It was a shocking report to hear that almost more than 200 billion dollars of Pakistanis are in Swiss Accounts. The amount is massive and I am sure that Government of Pakistan will not investigate about this money as many politicians are also involved in this scam. Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry should take suo moto notice of this and should form a credible and powerful committee which should investigate this money without coming under any pressure. But I doubt if this will give result soon as Supreme Court is finding hard to recover 256 billion rupees which had been written off since 1971. MUBASHIR MAHMOOD, Karachi, June 18. Traffic police reformation Traffic rules and regulations are seldom followed within our country, while the traffic police seem helpless in enforcing their authority. Except for major cities in Punjab and Federal Capital of Islamabad, the situation throughout the country is appalling. The traffic police throughout the country should be reformed and modeled on the basis of National Highway and Motorway Police. They should be accorded proper authority and separate budget. A separate hierarchical system should also be developed for their reporting. A nation is judged by its adherence to rule of law. If the traffic police is reformed it is also a surety that the citizens will also cooperate. YAHYA AHMAD, Islamabad, June 15.