LAHORE The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop and Alliance Francaise de Lahore jointly organized a musical night in connection with World Music Day at Rafi Peer Culture Center on Tuesday. The colorful event was aimed to provide a comprehensive and captivating representation of Pakistans musical identity, tone, variety and philosophy. Almost all the forms of music in the country including Sufi, Folk, Qawali, rock, and trance drumming were performed at the event. On the occasion, a galaxy of well-known singers including Hussain Baksh Gulloo, Chand Khan and Sooraj Khan of Sham Choorasi gharana, Saen Zahoor and Mian Miri Qawal group sung while Shaukat Dholia performed drum beating. The singers enthralled the audience by performing a variety of songs, ghazals and qawalies. The event attracted a good number of music lovers. The audience lauded the efforts made by the Rafiq Peer for preservation of great cultural heritage of Pakistan.