The need for the construction of Kalabagh Dam cannot be over-emphasized. Being the only project capable of giving a touch of brightness to the dark and gloomy lives of our people in this era of political turmoil, the need for KBD is being genuinely stressed in the media more than other development projects. Your editorial on the subject (June-19) and constant pleading of the case by your distinguished correspondents like Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti. Mr. Khurshid Anwer and others deserve a special mention. The irony of fate, however, is that all the pleadings, requests and recommendations fall on the deaf ears and blind eyes of our rulers. They have no realization as to how much misery the 12 18 hours of load shedding is causing to the lives of people especially in the scorching summer heat. They even do not feel concerned about the setback caused to our trade and commerce, agriculture and industry by the shortage of electric power. The Kalabagh dam has become the victim of whims and political motives of our leaders some of whom have been heard confessing that opposition to the construction of KBD is our political stand which we are not prepared to change.) The deplorable manner in which the country is being run and the common man neglected shows that they are not the true representatives of the people. The present day system being a sham democracy the time has come when important issues should be put to public vote. The first should be the holding of a national referendum on the construction of Kalabagh dam on which hinges the life and soul of our people. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, June 21.