With the passage of time environmental changes occur rapidly at global level. The changes in environment are result of humans interventions and practices. Pakistan is also experiencing such changes and challenges. The devastating earthquakes and lethal floods are examples of it. Owing to global warming glaciers are melting down that causes destruction into two forms. First, it causes floods that affects the whole country in all terms at present and takes it many years back in terms of development and infrastructure. Second, water is wasted in this way that causes scarcity of water and very critical consequences in future. ISRA has warned about the country becoming a water starved country. Pakistan is an agricultural based country and agriculture depends on water. Therefore, if we want to save our country, we would have to build Kalabagh dam at the earliest. This dam can not only provide cheap electricity but also sufficient water for agricultural purposes. Most important, it can save the country to a very large extend from the disastrous effects of the floods. INAYAT ALI GOPANG, Islamabad, June21.