Ever since the creation of Pakistan, the people of Pakistan have been kept in the dark in the major incidents which shook the very foundation of the country and we have never been told the truth. It started with the murder of Khan Liaqat Ali Khan, the first PM of the country on 16th Oct, 1951. After his murder, all the leaders coming into power played with the destiny of the country. It was a game of power politics for personal gains and no one without any exception worked for the national interest. The outcome of all enquiry commissions for every incident taking place in the country has been the state secret and the actual facts were never revealed to the general public which led to many conspiracy theories. Whether it was a Tashkhent Declaration signed on 10th Jan,1966 where perhaps Kashmir issue was dumped forever or Hamoodur Rehman Commission on the dismemberment of Pakistan on 16th December, 1971, the facts were simply hushed up. Whether it was a Kargil debacle in Jun, 1999 or Gen Pervez Musharraf's takeover in Oct, 1999, the reality has been hidden from public view. Since truth was never found out about these major happenings of the country, no one was held responsible for these blunders. It is surprising that with the latest advancement in information technology, we are still unable to find out the truth. The cases in point are the recent incidents that happened this year. First one is the arrest of a CIA operator Raymond Davis (Black Water contractor) who killed two youngsters in broad day light in Lahore on 27th Jan, 2011. The second one is killing of Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad on 02 May, 2011 and the third one is the terrorist raid at PNS Mehran Base at Karachi on 22 May, 2011 in which two most expansive Orion P-3C aircrafts were completely destroyed by about half a dozen well trained terrorist commandos. In all these cases, the government has failed to or intentionally tried to avoid to know the truth. The government has been reluctant to form a proper enquiry commission to find out the facts. These serious lapses by the security agencies and not forming an enquiry commission by the government has led to various conspiracy theories. In the first case, Raymond Davis remained in custody for about a month and the government of Pakistan remained under great pressure to release him. Even President Obama showed a lot of interest in his release though he did not enjoy diplomatic immunity. In this case we had to sacrifice our foreign minister for taking a firm stand. One month was enough to find out on what mission he was in Pakistan. But the government let him off after a brief trial in the jail and removing their volatile kins from the scene. As regards the second case, there has been no proof as to who was killed in Abbotabad compound except the announcement made by President Barack Hussain Obama that they killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad, Pakistan. The only truth that we know is that 4 US Black Hawk helicopters came during the early hours of 3 May in Abbotabad, one of them crashed and three of them flew back safely after completing their mission in 40 minutes without facing any resistance either by the guards of so-called OBL's well protected compound or by the Pakistani ground troops/PAF. The US Navy SEAL commandos took the dead body of OBL and dumped it into the Arabian sea without taking his pictures; something unbelievable especially when all the top brass including President Obama were watching the US Navy SEAL's operation Geromino on Abbotabad Compound live sitting in White House Washington. In the third incident, about 6 to 8 terrorists kept our elite forces at bay for good about 17 hours killing 10 of our soldiers including Lt Abbas and destroying completely 2 Orion aircrafts. We, the people of Pakistan want to know: 1. Who was Raymond Davis and what was his mission in Pakistan? 2. Who lived in Abbotabad Compound and who (if any) was killed? 3. Is it correct that our Radar on the Western borders did not detect the intrusion of 4 helicopters into our territory or the PAF/ground forces were ordered not to react and tell the nation/parliament that it was a security lapse. In the latter case, why all involved in this lapse were not sacked? 4. Why at PNS Mehran Base where American and Chinese instructors were staying to train our men on their equipment and most expansive aircrafts Orion P-3C were parked, proper and fool proof security was not ensured. 5. Why our government is reluctant to find out the facts in all the above mentioned incidents and tell the truth to the demoralised nation. The government should be quick to form the inquiry commission with members having impeccable and sterling character. As a result of these commissions some heads must roll at least once in the country's history. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHAwaJA, Lahore, June 19.